Are you looking to improve your work team and increase the productivity of your company?

I am Octavio Aguilar, speaker, mentor and consultant with more than 40 years of experience in human resources, accountability, trends, simplification and communication.

My methodology 'Hazlosencillo' will help you achieve effective and lasting results.

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Keep It Simple

Have you felt overwhelmed by the multiple tasks and responsibilities you have in your daily life?

KEEP IT SIMPLE is more than a methodology, it is a philosophy of life that seeks to simplify and align your thoughts, emotions and actions to achieve your personal and professional goals.

With HAZLO SENCILLO, we believe that when we align our brain, heart, and stomach, we can make clear, consistent decisions that allow us to focus on what really matters.

This alignment allows us to visualize what we want to achieve and be willing to pay the price for it.


Accountability Keep It Simple

Accountability Hazlo Sencillo

In "Accountability Hazlosencillo", you will discover how to align your thoughts, emotions and actions to achieve your personal and professional goals.

The “Hazlosencillo” methodology will provide you with tools and strategies to simplify your life, identify your goals and establish effective priorities.

You will learn to create a solid action plan and achieve what you want to achieve.

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to simplify your life and achieve your goals, get your copy of "Accountability Hazlosencillo" now!



Do you want effective results? embrace the philosophy of Keep It Simple.

As a certified speaker by the LATAM SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION, I am an Accountability expert, business consultant and speaker.

With my extensive experience and knowledge, I will guide you to success on your entrepreneurial path. Find out how I can help you achieve your goals, implement effective strategies and maximize your performance.

Octavio Aguilar - Talleres 2023


At HAZLO SENCILLO workshops and conferences, our goal is to help people achieve holistic alignment between their brain, heart, and stomach.

Our methodology seeks to simplify and focus daily work to achieve the same goal.

Octavio Aguilar - Conferencias


If you are looking for an effective way to align your brain, heart and stomach towards a common goal, our HAZLO SENCILLO workshops and lectures are for you.

Join our community and start simplifying your life today.


Accountability | Simplify | Adaptability

The methodological philosophy "make it simple" helps to create structures and processes that guarantee the achievement of your purposes.

  • Personal or professional evaluation and diagnosis.
  • Balance of life and work.
  • Process design.
  • Design of organizational structures.
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